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Steve Gray is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of accomplishments. As a seasoned pastor and sought-after speaker, his spiritual guidance and leadership have touched thousands. As a published writer, he has authored impactful works that resonate with readers seeking deeper understanding and connection.

Steven has also left his mark in filmmaking and television, using the power of visual storytelling to inspire and uplift audiences. As a three-time Emmy award winner, Steven has proven his ability to create compelling content that captivates viewers.

His creativity extends to the realm of music. Steven has a degree in both instrumental and vocal music and education. As a songwriter and recording artist of multiple CDs, his music has enriched many lives with hope and compassion.

His dedication to education is evident with a lifetime teaching certificate in Missouri and a Doctorate in Theology. Steven continues to contribute to matters of faith and belief.
His commitment to family is evident through 48 years of marriage and his pride in being a parent to two daughters and a grandparent to four cherished grandchildren.



Families connect us to our past and link us to our future.

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