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What is wrong with the modern-day church? Why are people in church dealing with the same problems of sickness, depression, and sin that other people deal with? Why does the church seem powerless to help? When the Kingdom Comes by Steve Gray is the book that will reveal to you why the current religious system is failing and how you can recapture God's original intention for a vibrant, life-giving church.


Using real-life situations and biblical truths, this book will take you from any disappointment and disillusionment you may have felt about your own church experience to the hope and expectation of what can be realized in your own local congregation! The eye-opening explanations and practical solutions will provide you with answers and encouragement, as well as with a challenge to make a difference today!


This book is ideal for both church leader as well as the church-leaver... anyone who is tired of boring, fruitless religion and wants to experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ in their own local church.


Topics include:

· The promised church

· Prayer that brings results

· Hearing God's voice

· Knowing true prophecy

· Developing thirst for God


When the Kingdom Comes by Steve Gray will teach you how to have an effective church as well as how to live an effective life for God!

When The Kingdom Comes

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