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America is in Crisis! Is Religion to Blame?


As politicians, economists, and media analysts continue to probe the most challenging issues facing America's future, one man from the Heartland says what millions are thinking. Experienced insider, Steve Gray, author of My Absurd Religion, takes on the popular religious system of America. Pulling back the curtain on the inner motives of America's absurd religion, Gray reveals what the religion that steers our country is made of, how it got us off track, and what can be done to fix it.


Calling for an overhaul of traditional religion, Gray challenges the ineffective methods to which modern day Christianity panders. With compassion and compelling truth, Gray asks these probing questions, "Is God attending our churches?" "How is religion's obsession with morality alienating people?" "Is political power replacing God's power?" and "Is a 'me-centered' message starving America's soul?"


Gray first generated international attention through an event that attracted over 250,000 people to a town of 532 in a 3 year period. Interviewed by TIME Magazine, Newsweek, multiple television and radio shows, and other national and international newspapers, Gray gives voice to the failures of traditional Christianity while offering solutions to bring reform.


My Absurd Religion, offers a fresh look at religion that works... a religion that will help get America back on course for present and future generations.

My Absurd Religion

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